This is jointly organized event with Faculty of Science, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). The event was held on 29th January 2019 at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, and University Putra Malaysia (UPM). There are four speakers participate in this workshop including from NanoPhoton Co. Korea, Mr. Hyo-Jin Kim. This collaboration event was held to highlight topics on Raman Spectroscopy in Science and Technology whilst discussing on the future and evolution of today’s technologies. Our objective of the event is to Provide the latest information on Quasi-S to potential customer, Quasi-S brand awareness in University Putra Malaysia, Building Network with lecturers, students, and related companies, Introducing RAMAN products, Promoting Glassware Clearance Sale and Promoting Quasi-S lab Services. From this event, we have built number of networking, especially with the students and lecturers. The event help to introduce us, Quasi-S and exposure on RAMAN brand among researcher, supplier, student and lecturer. This event also will help to bring in more collaboration between Quasi-S and University Putra Malaysia in future.